Ayahuasca Retreat FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


Where is the retreat held?

Our beautiful retreat center is located on the Guanacaste Peninsula in Costa Rica, approximately a 20-minute drive from the well-known Guiones area of Nosara. 

How do I get to Nosara, Costa Rica?

To get to Nosara, international flights go to either Liberia Airport (LIR) or the airport in San Jose (SJO), the country’s capital city.

If you fly to Liberia Airport, you must arrange ground transportation from the airport to Nosara town; it is a 2-3 hour drive (depending on the road conditions which can be a little rough). There are private taxis as well as shared shuttle options you can find online or right in the airport in Liberia. Prices range between $60 and $250 USD, depending on the type of service you choose.

We find traveling to San Jose to be much easier since you fly right into SJO airport and then connect a short domestic flight which brings you right to Nosara. Sansa Airlines is the only airline for domestic flights and you’ll have to purchase the flight directly on their website (www.flysansa.com). Their flights do not show up on travel agency websites or Google flights, so book directly on their webpage.

Should I stay in San Jose on the way to Nosara?

We recommend that our retreat guests skip San Jose and come straight to Nosara. The latest flights from San Jose to Nosara depart at about 4pm usually so make sure that you arrive to San Jose early enough in the day to make a connecting flight and avoid having to stay a night in San Jose.

Domestic flights from San Jose to Nosara are in small charter planes that take off from the domestic airport right next to the international airport in San Jose. When your international flight lands and you have collected your checked bags, it is a 3 minute walk to the domestic airport. 

The domestic flights can be book on flysansa.com.


When should I arrive/leave Nosara?

We highly recommend arriving in Nosara at least 1 day before the retreat begins to rest, ground, and prepare for an energetic week. Nosara has amazing beaches, beautiful spas, and great restaurants!

Some people feel sensitive after retreat so we recommend that you stay in Nosara for at least one night after before embarking on your travel home. Those of you who must travel onwards on the same day that the retreat ends should book a flight out of Nosara no earlier than 12 noon to factor in travel time to Nosara from the retreat venue. 

 If flying from Liberia please consider that the drive from Nosara to Liberia is about 3 hours. If you must travel from Liberia on the same day that the retreat ends you should book a flight out of Nosara no earlier than 2pm to factor in travel time to Liberia from the retreat venue. 

Is Nosara/Costa Rica safe?

Nosara is a very safe place to visit. Costa Rica is heavily dependent on tourism and thousands travelers arrive every week to visit the incredible natural reserves and beaches here. 

How do I get to the retreat venue?

 Transportation from Nosara to the retreat venue is not included in the retreat package. You will need to organise a taxi from your hotel in Nosara to our retreat venue on the first day of the retreat. We will provide you with all of the information you need in the days leading up to the retreat. 



Do I need to be Vaccinated to enter Costa Rica?


Do I need a Covid test to enter Costa Rica?

Vaccinated travelers DO NOT need a negative Covid test to enter Costa Rica.

Do I need to be vaccinated or have a negative Covid test to participate in the retreat??

No, we do not require that our clients are vaccinated nor do you need to provide a Covid-19 test. 

Do I need to wear a mask on retreat?


Ayahuasca and Ceremony

Is ayahuasca safe?

Ayahuasca is safe when drunk with experienced healers and with proper preparation.

There are many health conditions and medications/drugs that are not safe in combination with Ayahuasca. This is why it is important to work with an experienced guide or organization that works with you during your preparation to make sure that you are safe and ready to participate in Ceremony.

At Anam Cara Retreats the safety of our clients is our primary focus. We ask all of our clients to fill in a comprehensive health history questionnaire to ensure that each participant is a safe candidate. We also have a mandatory 1:1 preparation and inquiry session with every participant before the retreat.  This is to get to know each person and their individual process to develop safety and connection. 

What ingredients are used in the Ayahuasca brew?

We work only with Cielo Ayahuasca brewed by the Shipibo healers that we work with. There are two ingredients only: Ayahuasca Vine and Chacruna leaf.

What is the maximum group size on retreat?

We provide intimate small group experiences with a maximum group size of 15. We tend to have between 8-12 people on most of our retreats.

Who are the healers?

We work only with experienced indigenous healers of the Shipibo nation. We work with multiple healers in every retreat. We are very blessed to have loving friendships with some of the most experienced Shipibo Ayahuasqueros and we are honored to be a bridge for their ancient ancestral medicine and healing technology.  

How long do the effects of Ayahuasca last?

The effects of the medicine can last anywhere between a couple of hours and all night. The effects of the medicine vary enormously from person to person. 

What is the Ayahuasca Diet?

In order to receive more healing from your retreat experience, it is important to follow the Ayahuasca diet. This includes a 2 week period of preparation diet before the retreat and a period of post-retreat diet also. The diet mostly consists of eating whole foods, minimizing processed foods, eliminating pork, red meat, sex, medications, drugs, and other plant medicines.

We provide our guests with more details about the preparation diet upon registering for one of our retreats.  

On Retreat

Is there laundry service on retreat?

Yes there is the option for laundry during the retreat at a small added cost. 

Should I come alone or is it okay to come with a partner?

We receive many couples as well as many guests who come to retreat alone. This is a personal decision and there is no right or wrong when it comes to coming with your partner/spouse. Both options can be beautiful although it is important that your relationship is safe and healthy enough to each be able to enter into your individual process with the medicine while maintaining respect for one another. 

Is there WIFI at the retreat venue?

Yes there is WIFI and phone service at the retreat venue. We do recommend that you try to minimize communication and especially on social media during your retreat. Ideally, you are able to give yourself the wonderful gift of disconnecting completely from clock time and outside communication to more fully immerse yourself in the retreat experience.

We strongly recommend to schedule time off work for the duration of your retreat. 

Can I come for just one ceremony?

To protect each group container we only accept guests who are participating in the entire retreat program. 

At Anam Cara, we put a lot of focus on developing trust and safety in our retreat container well before the retreat starts, during the entire retreat, and even afterward in the integration period. We find this to be extremely important as it helps the group dynamic and the individual experience during the retreat. The safer our clients feel the more deeply they are able to connect with the medicine and surrender to trust in the healing process.  

How many people are in a "shared room"?

Our shared room option is shared with one other person of the same sex. 

Can I bring an instrument?