Intimate, small-group plant medicine retreats grounded in ancestral Ayahuasca medicine of the incredible
Shipibo Lineage with comprehensive integration support, served in the heart of Sacred Valley, Perú.


At Anam Cara, we encourage vulnerability and compassion in a heart-based container where profound transformation is catalyzed by the powerful healing properties of Huachuma and Ayahuasca served by deeply gifted Shipibo Maestros. We complement traditional indigenous plant medicine ceremonies with a trauma-informed, body-based therapeutic approach, and long-term ongoing integration support to help you flourish in the ever-unfolding possibilities of sustainable and lasting transformation.


Retreat  Founders

Neils and Francesca live in Sacred Valley, Peru where they created
Anam Cara Healing Retreats with a shared mission to offer plant medicine journeys in a safe, intimate way focusing on each client as an individual and honoring their unique healing path. They strive to bridge the worlds of ancestral Amazonian Shamanism with therapeutic techniques grounded in modern psychology. Neils and Francesca have each walked their individual paths of healing while traveling the world and exploring a diverse array of holistic modalities and spiritual teachings. Their work weaves together their combined experience to bring each guest a unique, safe, and profoundly transformative journey of reconnecting with the deepest parts of themselves and the healing wisdom of nature.

Learn more about their story here.

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Indigenous  Healers  of  the  Shipibo  Nation


We are beyond blessed to have deep and loving friendships with the most experienced and heart-centered Ayahuasca healers of the Shipibo Nation. At Anam Cara Retreats, our primary focus is creating a container that supports and highlights the medicine work being done by these powerful Shipibo healers who so willingly share their ancestral medicine. We have deep reverence for preserving their ancient
practices and feel blessed to work alongside them continuing to learn from their deep connection to Spirit
through ceremony, generosity, and their ever-unfolding reciprocity with nature.

Read more about Ayahuasca medicine and the Shipibo culture here.

Our Retreat Space


We are currently offering our retreats in a beautiful venue nestled amongst the healing Andes mount range in the Sacred Valley, Peru.
Our intentional retreat space is deeply immersed in nature amongst soaring majestic mountains, fresh rivers, and sprawling
gardens of wild flowers. Here, our medicine work is supported by nurturing Andean land energies and local indigenous
culture which continues to teach us the importance of restoring our connection with nature.

Our private retreat space features beautiful single and shared suites equipped with private bathrooms, wood-burningfireplaces,
a temezcal sweat lodge, glass geo-dome yoga studio, and a spacious Maloca overlooking the mountains.


A few times a year, we offer other unique plant medicine workshops in the Amazon Jungle of Peru, Mexico, and elsewhere
throughout Latin America. Please see our offerings page to learn more about our special events and customizable private retreat offerings.


Plant medicine journeys are a deeply personal experience and we honor each guests individual unique needs. Plant medicine journeys not one size fits all. This is why we offer completely customizable private retreat experiences for anywhere from 6-15 guests throughout Peru, Mexico, and Latin America. We design and coordinate retreat length, location, style, healing modalities, and supportive workshops for your specific needs to offer you an intimate experience with your tribe.

We offer focused workshops that support the medicine on a diverse array of topics such as trauma, grief, men’s circles, rights of passage, womb healings, and conscious couples/relationship work, just to name a few.

We are available May – October 2022 for private retreat bookings, please reach out to us below for more details.

Reach out to us

We understand embarking on a plant medicine journey is a unique and deeply personal choice. We encourage anyone with interest reach out to and further connect with us before deciding if our program feels like the right fit. Connect with us here to inquire about our retreats, reserve your space, or learn more about what we do.


with  love and gratitude,
Neils & Francesca

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