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Intimate Ayahuasca retreats grounded in the ancestral wisdom of the Shipibo Lineage with comprehensive integration support, served in the heart of Sacred Valley, Perú.

Our week-long retreats encourage vulnerability and compassion in a heart-based container where profound transformation is catalyzed by the healing properties of Ayahuasca, served by highly-experienced Shipibo Maestros. Complementing traditional indigenous plant medicine ceremonies with a trauma-informed, body-based therapeutic approach, and long-term integration support, we support each guest in an intentional container of safety and community along their ever-unfolding journey of awakening.

Through this life-changing work, we are called to surrender into the rhythm of our hearts, learning to more fully embody the wholeness of our human experience and discover who we truly are, a unique tapestry of what it means to be both fully human and truly divine.


retreat founders

Neils and Francesca live in Sacred Valley, Peru where they created
Anam Cara Healing Retreats with a shared mission to offer traditional plant medicine ceremonies in an intimate way, honoring the lineages that have carried these medicines for generations. Their intimate retreat offerings encourage deep connection and nurturing of the heart, bringing willing souls together to restore the medicine of ritual and community that so many of us have forgotten. They strive to elegantly bridge the worlds of ancestral Amazonian Shamanism with a diversity of therapeutic techniques and healing wisdom root in embodiment and the nature of Being. Neils and Francesca have each individually walked their healing paths with devotion, discovering holistic teachings from many different corners of the world. Their work weaves together their combined passions of tending to the heart’s longing, traversing the soul’s winding journey of expansion, and helping all beings once again reunion with nature and the self.

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Indigenous  Healers  of  the  Shipibo  Nation


We are beyond blessed to have deep and loving relationships with highly experienced and heart-centered Ayahuasqueros of the Shipibo Nation. At Anam Cara Retreats, we have created a transformative container that highlights traditional medicine work, intentionally conducted by Shipibo elders who so willingly share their healing gifts with love and devotion. With deep reverence for the preservation of their ancient healing technologies, we are beyond blessed to work alongside them. Through witnessing their deep connection to Spirit, ritual, and ceremony may we all remember the importance of our reciprocity with nature and reconnect to the abundance of life that surrounds us. 

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Our Retreat Space

…nestled in the powerful healing Andes mountains range of the Sacred Valley.


Our intentional retreat space is deeply immersed in nature amongst soaring majestic mountains, sacred rivers, and sprawling gardens of wildflowers. Our medicine work here is deeply supported by solitude, peace, and nurturing Andean land energies. This sacred land calls upon us to surrender into our healing process to find deep alignment, presence, and aliveness.

The venue features single and shared accommodation options all equipped with private bathrooms, wood-burning fireplaces,  a Peruvian sweat lodge, glass geo-dome yoga studio, and our sacred Maloca where we hold our healing ceremonies. Our weeklong Ayahuasca retreats are centered around 4 Shipibo ayahuasca ceremonies, in addition to supportive practices to compliment the medicine work such as breathwork, yoga, integration workshops, sweat lodges, sharing circles, indigenous practices, and communing with nature.


Reach out to us


We understand embarking on a plant medicine journey is a unique and deeply personal step. If you’re interested, we encourage you to reach out to us to connect more deeply before deciding if our program feels in alignment for you.

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