Intimate Ayahuasca retreats grounded in the ancestral wisdom of the
Shipibo Lineage, served with unconditional love
throughout costa rica and peru.

Our week-long retreats foster vulnerability and deep compassion in a heart-based container where profound transformation is catalyzed by the healing properties of Ayahuasca. The medicine is served by some of the world’s most renowned and highly- experienced Shipibo Healers of the Shipibo Konibo Nation. Complementing traditional indigenous plant medicine ceremonies with a trauma-informed, somatic-based therapeutic approach, and long-term integration support, we guide each participant within an intentional container of safety along their ever-unfolding journey of awakening.

Through this life-changing work with Ayahuasca, we are each called to surrender back into the rhythm of our hearts and the aliveness of nature. It is here, in the connection to ourselves and the earth, that we learn to fully embody the wholeness of our human experience and discover who we are at the core, each of us a uniquely woven tapestry of what it means to be both human and divine.


New venue | nosara, costa rica

…nestled between the stunning Pacific coastline  and lush guanacaste jungle


Our intimate medicine retreats will take place in a stunning luxury, eco-friendly healing space outside of Nosara, Costa Rica. The entire retreat space is built with natural materials and fallen trees, and is maintained with zero chemicals or toxic materials. Immersed in the wildness of the jungle, supported by the cleansing energy of the Pacific Ocean, and surrounded by a diversity of Costa Rican wildlife, we will embark on a potent healing journey with Shipibo Ayahuasca medicine.


Retreat Founders

Neils and Francesca have been walking their own paths of healing, exploration, and spiritual work for many years. They founded Anam Cara Healing Retreats with a shared passion for the powerful and elegant healing technology of the Shipibo Nation, after experiencing life-changing work in ceremony. Their heart’s truest mission is offering safe and intimate plant medicine journeys that deeply honor the lineages that have carried these medicines forward for generations. Their intimate retreat offerings encourage deep connection and a nurturing of the heart, bringing willing souls together to restore the medicine of ritual, oneness, and nature that so many of us have forgotten.

Their mission strives to elegantly bridge the worlds of ancestral Amazonian Shamanism with a diversity of therapeutic techniques and multidimensional healing wisdoms they’ve collected throughout their lifetime walking the medicine path. Their offerings are diverse, yet all passionately rooted in embodiment, devotion to spirit, and alignment of the self. Their approach weaves together innate spiritual gifts with indigenous plant medicine technology, somatic awareness, pranic energy healing, and trauma-informed facilitation. They find the deepest healing happens when ancient Earth medicines are safely bridged with Western therapeutic techniques. Their heartfelt devotion lies in supporting others to tend to the longings of their heart and find self-liberation through root-cause healing.

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Some of the world’s most talented Healers of The Shipibo Nation


We are incredibly grateful to have cultivated profound and loving relationships with some of the most highly experienced Ayahuasqueros from the Shipibo Nation. At Anam Cara Retreats, we strive to cultivate a transformative space that places traditional medicine work at its core, facilitated by the wise and dedicated Shipibo elders who graciously share their healing gifts. Our collaboration with them is infused with the utmost respect for the preservation of their ancient healing technologies, and we consider it a tremendous blessing to stand alongside them.

As we bear witness to their profound spiritual connection, healing rituals, and sacred ceremonies, we are reminded of the profound significance of our reciprocal relationship with nature and the importance of reconnecting with the abundance of life. The wisdom and guidance of these Shipibo healers inspires us to honor and nurture this precious bond, fostering a deep understanding of our interconnectedness with nature and the spiritual realms. In their presence, we remember the profound necessity of ritual and ceremony or human life, a practice that has sadly been forgotten in Western culture. Their teachings encourage us to rediscover our own innate connection to Spirit and to recognize the transformative potential of our word, intention, and presence on this Earth.

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We acknowledge that embarking on a plant medicine journey is an extraordinary and profoundly personal decision. Our passion lies in offering loving guidance to each individual, helping them discover the right healing space for their individual needs. We warmly encourage anyone interested to reach out and connect with us further and learn more about our offerings. We look forward to connecting with you! 

In loving kindness,

Neils & Francesca

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