Preparation & Integration

Although the ceremonies will absolutely be the highlight of your retreat, we emphasize a strong focus on the supportive work being done outside the ceremony space, as well. When plant medicine journeys are coupled with comprehensive, thorough, and long-term preparation and integration, there truly is no limit to the depth of transformation and lasting change possible.

Our Aproach

Through our experience witnessing thousands of retreat guests and through our own process with the medicine we have developed our own unique approach to coaching and mentoring clients. 

Our focus during sessions is to build a relationship with you to be witnessed lovingly and compassionately in whatever it is you are going through in the moment. Building trust and safety through connection we can arrive to greater depths of presence, together.

Our presence helps us to surrender, accept, heal, and to release that which no longer serves us. 

We are trauma informed and trained in Compassionate Inquiry with Gabor Maté. We are truly passionate about providing our clients with open, curious, and loving space to explore their inner landscape together. 

Need help integrating a plant
medicine experience?

Plant medicine experiences can accelerate your internal processes and it can be overwhelming. There is a huge lack of quality support considering the current surge of interest in plant medicine healing. If you have had a plant medicine journey and you feel you need support integrating your experience we are here for you.

Contact us via email to schedule a free discovery call or inquire about our coaching packages.

Integration Support Network

 We are delighted to share our community of wonderful space holders that help us support our clients. Part of our integration program includes one workshop per month, each time with a different practitioner to offer a variety of different practices as you move through your healing experience post retreat. This is a great way to connect with new practitioners and modalities to support your journey going forward. 

Melanie Integration Support Breathwork

Melanie Barrett

As an avid student of Bikram, Vinyasa, and Pilates for the last 20 years, Melanie is an experienced teacher in a multitude of modalities such yoga, kickboxing, cycling, high intensity interval training, weight lifting, and nutrition.  Melanie always finds her soul back in the foundation of Yogic Practices, Somatic Breathwork, Holographic Sound Healing, and Sanskrit Mantra. As an Integration Guide, Melanie works with a list of psychosomatic modalities for pre and post integrative services such as Jungian Archetypes, Dream Analysis, Polarity therapy, the Subtle Body System, and Transformational Medicines.  She aims to walk a mystical life with practical feet; embodied in cultivating mature leadership through Unity Consciousness in a life of service to humanity.


Callie David

Callie is a marriage and family therapist, holistic coach, and breathwork guide. For the last decade, she has been working in the health field. She takes a trauma-informed somatic approach as she helps people get from disconnected and stuck in their mind to deeply connected to their own intuition. Callie brings her big heart and joy to the table as those can be some of the purest and most healing energies needed. She holds a safe, non-judgmental space as she uses natural tools to encourage the movement and release of energy.

Lindzee Breathwork Plant Medicine Support

Linzee Balfour 

Linzee Belle is an Embodiment coach, spiritual guide and the co-owner of Align & Allow retreats. Her mission is to hold space for you to release, heal & Remember. Through the depths of her own trauma, pain, & suffering: this lead her to deep healing work. On her journey This inspired her to share & serve at a deep level. In this she enrolled herself in school and got her advanced training as a 800RYT. She uses a series of modalities to support such as, Somatic Release Breathwork , yoga, yoga nidra meditation, visualization & movement!.